One definition of "goddess" is: A greatly admired or adored woman.

These intelligent goddesses have teamed up to create a weekend of stillness, movement, creativity and nurturing to untangle the knots of the body and mind. A residential retreat to unite in  feminine wisdom and nurture soul's.

We've asked Cassandra Doyle, Kiah Twelftree, Jaclyn Nicholl and Beth Corps to give us some insight into what makes them tick and why they are so passionate about helping others reconnect with the environment and themselves.

1 :: For readers not familiar with you, can you give a little insight into your role?

Kiah Twelftree: I’m Kiah - doula and creative goddess doing some styling, facilitating creative workshops and part of the transformative theme behind the retreat.

Jackie Nicholl: Jackie Nicholl – owner/ operator of Cracker Jack Paddle Sports

Cas Doyle: I am Cass, a yogi and owner of The Space. 

Beth Corps: Founder and Original Owner and Director of Soul cafe Karratha, I have now let that go to be a Mama Goddess to 4 children under 3.5 years.  Since leaving Soul, I have been extensively studying and researching nutrition and how food is used to heal the body and fuel the mind.  This fascinates and excites me to no end.


2 :: You all have your own strengths and specialty areas. What inspired you to get together and create this gorgeous event?

Kiah: This is something that Cas dreamed up, and the collaboration formed organically. Really it is Cas who has formed the team that we are. The more that we plan for the retreat, the more excited I get, the more ideas come and I know this is just the start of something big :)

Jackie: All our businesses support local women in their journey to better health and wellbeing and it was the women of our region inspired us to create a retreat that was affordable and using our local collaboration. We already have what most retreats look for; exotic location, space, wilderness. Combined that with goddess team and you have a truly special retreat!

Cas: The concept was born out of a time of grief.  When I looked deep inside myself and tried to understand what it was that I needed to heal it became quite clear to me that in order to find balance and restore my mental health I needed to start being compassionate with myself again, and I needed to really learn to love who I was, without any exceptions.  In order for this to occur I realised that I needed my yoga practice more than ever, but I also needed to re-establish my self-care practices (which had slipped away) I needed to be creative and I needed lots of outdoor fun and adventure.  It just so happened that I have these amazing women in my life who could not only support me in that, but who could also come together so we can support other women to heal and change their view about themselves.

Beth: I believe Cas is the original Creative Brain Founder behind the Goddess Retreat.  I had been connecting with Cas and was getting little updates on the process of the retreat and hearing how it was unfolding.  I was super excited to hear it all and was always going to attend, then one night over dinner when Fervor came to town, Cas mentioned they were stuck on a caterer for the event.  The next day I contacted Cas and threw the idea at her that I could help… the rest has evolved very organically… just as she had intended and predicted.


3 :: What do you hope your goddesses take away from the retreat?

Kiah: Practising mindfulness, connection with their self, love and acceptance of themselves, a connection with their surroundings and nature, and a sense of passion for life and expression (creativity)

Jackie: I think every goddess on the retreat will take something different to enhance their life after. I personally hope they take away the confidence to get themselves outside and connecting with nature. To know how to tap into the ever-full cup of the beauty of our earth and use it to find peace and reflection.

Cas: To feel comfortable with thinking of themselves as a goddess.  To have tools to stay connected with their needs and desires.

Beth: Oh My GOSH!! I KNOW they will take away and be filled with so much internal Love and strength for self and for the amazing women who they will be surrounded by.  They will learn to nurture themselves, to be kind to themselves and to be filled with peace, harmony, creative inspiration, appreciation for nature and nourishment. 


4 :: Where do you retreat to when you need some space and clarity in your own life?

Kiah: I seek colour therapy - so I go somewhere with a view. The Pilbara has so much colour to offer. I’ll walk amongst the wildflowers, head to the beach at high tide, or make time to watch the sunset (I’ll be looking at what the clouds are doing, to see if they might enhance the sun set perfectly and if I think it is going to be unreal I’ll get up on the roof and watch it)

 Jackie: For me I need to get outside, emerged in nature. Surfing is my happy place, the movement of the waves and being so in tune with the rhythm of the earth.

Cas: Either my yoga mat or into salt water.

Beth: I love to be visually inspired by the wonder of nature or be internally harmonised by the sound of music. I love to drive with the music up loud, watch sunsets on the beach or simply listen to nothing and focus on breath in the serenity of my own home.


5 :: What is your favourite thing about women?

Jackie: Their ability to learn and grow. When I used to take university students on kayak expeditions this was really evident. The boys would muscle through the technical skill and never progress with their technique, the ladies would listen, practice and try to improve their skills every day. They would be rewarded in saving energy and high marks in Technical skill.

Cas: Women have an amazing ability to band together and support another woman in need.  I have been apart of support system both on the giving and receiving end. Women also have this amazing ability to look at someone they love and see their pain without needing to speak a word.

Beth: Their amazing ability to achieve so much and multi task so effortlessly. Paired with the maternal, nurturing instinct we carry and share with our children and each other.


6 :: Why did you choose Cossack as the venue for the retreat?

Cossack is this beautiful, characteristic and historical place that makes us feel calm, centred and alive all at the same time.  It also fitted our needs perfectly in that it is isolated from everyday life and connects us to the ocean and nature.


7 :: What is your favourite, to-live-by quote?

Kiah: This kind of changes every now and then. At the moment, it is
“Practise Love until you remember that you are love.”  (Swami sai premananda)

Jackie: “Never underestimate the power of positive praise” from an old sailing dog in Mexico. I live by this with my teachings and it’s power can achieve great things in individuals and groups

Cas: This can change from month to month, but for today my favourite is….“The mind is everything, what you think, you become.”

Beth: If it can be imagined, it is possible


Just for fun…

I just finished reading:

K: I never finish reading anything, I just skim read. Currently skim reading “Creating Brand Energy” by Cath Sutherland

J: I wish I had time to read more

C: Yin Yoga:  A quiet practice (I don’t read for fun – I escape to my mat not books :D)

B: Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child

I’m always wearing:

K: something from Tara & the Tigress

J: board shorts

C: Birkenstocks or bare feet.

B: My Frankie Watch

I can’t resist eating:

K: Pure Produce Co spicy hommus

J: Pork crackle

C: Nectarines

B: My Raw Salted Caramel Slice 

Number one on my bucket list is:

K: to see the Northern lights

J: oh, there are so many, number one would be to paddle the Molokai between two Hawaiian Islands. It’s an ancient and wild ritual in Hawaii.

C: To create more freedom for my family (away from daily work) so that I can teach my son to work hard but not all the time.  Find a better balance!

B: I have a huge bucket list! NEXT on my bucket list is to become a yoga instructor

If I won lotto the first thing I’d do is:

K: replace my couch

J: Buy a boat that works

B: Pack up and travel around Australia with my husband and our tribe

Best keep secret in the Pilbara?

K: Autumn & Spring. The Winter is very popular, but autumn and spring are also super beautiful!

J: Our marine environment. I have travelled to wild marine locations all over the world and we have the most incredible backyard. The biodiversity of the marine life is insane and still untouched by man.

C: Autumn on the islands.  I’m not sure if this is the any kind of secret but it’s what kept us here this year.  :D

B: The amount of wildlife which visits our waters every year through every season!!


Get the Feels

Limited places for the Pilbara Goddess Retreat are still available! Book your ticket here! 

If you miss out on a ticket, never fear, you can still have a lovely experience with these amazing women.

  • Get out for a stand-up paddle with Cracker Jack Paddle Sports (it truly is for everyone).
  • Feel the love with some amazing henna, learn about DoTerra, experience loving doula support with Mamatree.
  • Find your centre, flexibility and joy through yoga with The Space (also available to hire as a gorgeous venue).
  • Watch THE SPACE for upcoming Kids Yoga classes with Beth Corps sometime soon.