From Engineer to Business Coach, Kylah Morrison from Zest e-Biz has walked a different career path. She is passionate about empowering business excellence, but understands the importance of mindfulness in business. Kylah sat down with Karratha Collective to chat about her diverse career, Wiggle's dance parties and the awesome one day retreat she created to help you discover new tools to use every day to give you clarity on your direction in 2016.

Tell us a little about yourself and your career...

After completing a Master of Engineering Management at Canterbury Uni in NZ, I started my career working on offshore drilling rigs.

I meet my man in Perth and followed him to sunny Karratha, even though I vowed I’d never live in a small town again after growing up in a population of 20,000 people.

Now a mumma to two cheeky boys; one of which we travelled around South America with for 6mths when he was a baby. I’m also the founding president of the Karratha Toastmasters club and a board member for our local Chamber of Commerce, the KDCCI.

Passionate about business excellence and empowering peak performance, I help CEOs, entrepreneurial thinkers and community leaders get clarity and direction so they have more time and money to invest in kicking winning goals.

Don’t get me started on employee and customer engagement, and the need for more creativity and fun in business or you’ll never hear the end of it!

You’ll often find me practising yoga on Saturday mornings, enjoying a cuppa with good friends or hanging out with my wee family.


What prompted you to start your own business - Zest e-Biz?

As an engineer working in the resource industry, I felt trapped in a rat race I simply wasn’t passionate about.

Obsessed with reading professional development and business strategy books, yet unable to apply many of the concepts I read to my day job, I started a blog. In Sept 2011 I finally made the decision to back myself and launch Zest e-Biz part time. 

I didn’t have the balls to quit there and then. Instead I eased myself out of the corporate world by going on maternity leave and then resigning late 2012.

After that we went travelling for six months in South America with our first son when he was just seven months old. And on our return at the end of 2013, I started focusing more seriously on growing Zest e-Biz. 


What does a typical day look like for you?

With two little ones, I’ve found I’m a much happier mum and business owner when I don’t check my phone or email before 9am. Instead I try to focus on our morning routine eating breakfast together, getting housework out of the way early and planning our day.

I’m not perfect though. I often find myself glued to the computer in between building lego towers, baking muffins, or dancing to the Wiggles.

Thursdays and alternate Tuesdays are my ‘dedicated work days’ (if such a thing exists when you’re a mum). The boys both go to daycare on a Thursday, and the eldest on a Tuesday also.

Every alternate Tuesday arvo I chat on ABC radio about business on the WA Drive show. Leading up to that I’m usually gathering info and talking to local business owners, or clients, to ensure I’m covering the most current issues on air.

On Thursdays I usually have a couple of meetings one-on-one with coaching clients, unless I have a speaking gig, which often takes up a whole day. When I’m not ‘working’, I’m either hustling for more work, updating my website, blog or social media accounts or looking after the back end of business.

Being a big picture thinker, I tend to spend a bit more time on developing ideas rather than the completion side of things. But I keep telling myself it will all pay off in the long run! ;) After all, “you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling”.


What is your most successful form of marketing?

Word of mouth is by far the most successful form of marketing for me. Joining our local Chamber of Commerce (KDCCI), founding the Karratha Toastmasters club and speaking on radio all significantly built my reputation and credibility around town as a business coach. 


If you could go back to the very start of your small business journey, what advice would you give yourself?

Back yourself and just do it. You’ll never get things ‘right’ before you start. So just start, get some runs on the board and then refine and pivot your business direction from there.

Get used to working tired. Murphy’s Law that whenever you have a big gig on, the kids will have a terrible night. That just what being in business with small children is all about.

Get out there and don’t be afraid to create long term connections through ‘networking’. Dedicate your energy to working out how you can best serve others and you’ll never have to do the hard sell.

Finally, do more of what gives you energy and lights your fire!


You've recently collaborated with Amanda Ewin from the Lilac Lounge to create a retreat, unique to the Pilbara, 'Manifesting Wellness & Direction'. What can people expect from this retreat?

Yes! We have another awesome day packed full of nourishment and fun activities to get after any big goals you may have in 2016!

Do you feel like you are always on the run?  No time for fun?  Not achieving what you’d like to?  Lacking balance? 

The retreat will take you on a journey to discover new tools to use every day to get clear on your direction for 2016.

• Using mindfulness in your everyday life with ease
• Setting intentions to create more time for the fun stuff
• Nurturing your strengths to unlock your peak potential
• Setting soulful goals that motivate and inspire you everyday
• Maintaining focus in our busy lives
• How to make better decisions using your core values
• Learning to say 'no' for more calm in your life
• Why nourishing yourself is the key to success in life

DATE:  Sat 21st Nov 2015
TIME: 10am - 5pm
VENUE: Point Samson Community Hall
INVESTMENT: $297 (incl. GST)
INCLUDED: A day full of nourishment (lunch too), a gorgeous workbook & loads of fun!


Is the 'Manifesting Wellness & Direction' retreat just for small business owners?

No. The ‘Manifesting Wellness & Direction’ retreat is for anyone looking to get clarity and direction around some big goals for 2016! Whether you work in the corporate world, for yourself, or you’re dreaming of that perfect job, this retreat will equip you for a year full of awesomeness. 


Just for fun...

Favourite coffee shop? Empire6714

Favourite restaurant? Bollywood

Favourite event? REAF - or anywhere that the MamaTree Van is!

Favourite homewares/gift stores? Empire6714

Best kept secret in the Pilbara? Lying on your back under the palms in Dampier.



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